Stepping Outside My Bubble

Johanan Fraanje, founder of Amigos, shares his mission and vision in building the company to the international community that it is today.

As the founder of Amigos, I spent ten years traveling the world to answer one question: how do you create a long and enjoyable life? During my journey to 83 countries, I discovered that the key to a fulfilling life is stepping out of your bubble.

In my travels, I noticed that countries further from the equator tend to live in their own bubbles. People are less open to new experiences, their calendars are scheduled weeks in advance, and there is little room for spontaneous fun. This way of life makes time fly by and can leave you feeling like you're missing out. However, by stepping out of your comfort zone, you can create a life that feels longer and more enjoyable. This realization led to the creation of Amigos.

"At Amigos, we believe that stepping out of your bubble can create a longer and more fulfilling life."

Suppose you want to do something with a friend tonight. The chances are high that you'll hear something like, "I already have plans tonight. How about next week?" But how do you know if you'll still want to do it next week, and what are you going to do tonight? My brothers Paul Joost and Tobyas and I searched for a solution to this problem. We wanted to create a new lifestyle in which people step out of their bubbles regularly, and life feels longer and more enjoyable. Amigos makes this possible.

"At Amigos, we believe that anyone can experience the joys of life by opening up to new people and adventures."

At Amigos, we provide a low-threshold way for anyone to experience how much more enjoyable life can be by opening up to new people and adventures. We understand that not everyone is comfortable stepping out of their bubbles, so we encourage the organization of activities that allow people to experience the atmosphere anonymously, such as house parties or park gatherings. The focus is on having a good time, and the atmosphere is always relaxed, with everyone chatting to one another. We often hear that these events are a breath of fresh air, and the threshold to step out of your bubble disappears after the first Amigos experience.

"With Amigos, every day is a new adventure - with or without your friends."

With Amigos, you're no longer dependent on your friends' availability and energy. You keep your calendar open and see what's happening on Amigos each day. This way, you can easily experience a new adventure every day - with or without your friends. The Amigos lifestyle brings you extra fun and unique experiences, and it slows down time, making life feel longer and more enjoyable.

In conclusion, stepping out of your bubble can create a longer and more enjoyable life. At Amigos, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience this, which is why we provide a platform for people to do just that.

"There are countless reasons to use Amigos"

The fun thing is that everyone can use Amigos in their own way. There are even many more reasons to use Amigos than we initially thought of.

Personally, I use Amigos to:

  • ...step out of my bubble regularly and

  • ...experience how to make time last as long as possible

  • ...join unique (house) parties

  • ...hook up with a different group of friends

  • able to do something fun at any time

Arguments from other amigos that I have heard most often:

  • "Discovering what there is to do around me"

  • "Meeting new people offline"

  • "Finding people with the same hobby"

  • "Seeing who around me is up for a good time"

  • "Having the most bizarre adventures"

  • "Spontaneously joining people around me"

  • "Not being forced to sit on the couch"

  • "Finding people who are up for the same thing as me today"

  • "Having adventures with locals during a city trip"

  • "Do something fun when my friends have already planned their schedule"

  • "Making my life even more fun"

  • "Celebrating with each other that we live on the same planet at the same time."

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